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Toy - Tiny Tooth Fairy Pillow - Soft Plushie

Tiny Tooth Fairy pillow - soft plushie

When I invented a Tiny Tooth Fairy Pillow - there wasn't anything like that here on Etsy, or elsewhere.

Tons of tooth-shaped pillows with googly eyes - YES! 
A stylish little stuffed house for a tooth fairy- NO! 

So i decided to make a modern-day, cute little house-shaped pillow with a small pocket on the back, where little girls and boys would place their fallen tooth in hopes of receiving a dollar bill from a generous fairy overnight!

Not just a toy, but a cute, little childhood treasure that will keep those memories alive for many years to come. 

It is soft and compact so that you could tuck it on the side of your child's pillow. Or do as my son did - put it on the window sill so that the fairy couldn't miss it! He even cracked the window open, sweet child! lol!

-Size: 7"tall x3.5"wide x 1.5" thick

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