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What's the big deal about Organic Cotton?

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Why Organic Cotton Matters There is most likely cotton in every area of our homes, including our bedrooms, kitchens, closets, living rooms, even our medicine cabinets. Cotton is good, though, right? After all, Zoey Daschanel and Hayden Panettiere look so happy in those “Fabric of Our Lives” commercials.Unfortunately, things aren’t always as they appear. It isn’t hard to find the damning evidence against conventionally grown cotton. With just a quick Google search, I found copious research about the harmful effects of cotton production. When grown conventionally, cotton is actually considered the dirtiest crop in the world. Cotton covers 2.5% of the...

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Girl's Skirt gone organic!

girls skirt newmom designs organic cotton outfit red and grey red umbrella fabric

I love seeing what people make from my fabric!Makes me want to learn how to sew professionally ( in case you are interested, I have a loooong list of things I want to learn: make amazing desserts, ice skate, French language, play piano, gardening, etc)Recently, I have partnered up with a wonderful kids clothing store on Etsy, Laken and Lila, to produce a line of clothes using my organic fabric.While we are waiting for professional photos, check out a little sneak peek of this cute outfit made from Red Umbrella fabric:How adorable is the little model??

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Organic Cotton just arrived!

fabric newmomdesigns organic cotton

Since last August I have been working very hard to produce 12 of my most popular designs overseas and offer my customers better prices.Finally they are here! Printed on Premium 100% Organic Cotton these beauties are now available at my Etsy shop for just $16 yard!Come on over and get yourself some!See you!

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