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Mojito - Turks and Caicos style

cocktail food mojito

Sweet and tart wave of mint and lime slowly brings the long awaited coolness...Hmmm... I can still feel the breezy warm air, and the hot sand stuck under my fingernails...Every time I take a sip of a good Mojito, I get transfered to the beautiful island of Turks and Caicos.It took a few days of stalking our beach bartender, but I finally had a receipe for this divine drink that I am sharing with you today.Perhaps, this weekend, when the grill is finally taking a break, and everyone is so stuffed -they can't move, this refreshing drink will be just...

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Turkey Meatball Soup

food receipe summer lunch turkey meatball soup

The summer so far has been kind to us. Its hot, but not humid,with a nice breeze. And after all the BBQ's and grilled steaks on the weekend, I crave something light, delicious and nourishing...Turkey Meatball Soup fits the bill.This is how I make it:Turkey - around 3/4-1 lb1 Large carrot2 Med. onions 2-3 potatoes1-2 stalks celery1-2 cloves of garlicSalt, pepperPut a pot with water on the stove to boilGrind your turkey + 1 onion + garlic, add salt, pepper to tasteOnce the water comes to a boil, start forming small turkey balls, around 1" dia, and add as you go to...

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DIY Facial Mask that fights pimples

facial mask natural food inspiration

Did you know that a good facial mask does not necessarily require a trip to the salon?Just 2 ingredients that I guarantee you have in your kitchen, can help you dramatically improve your facial skin.Introducing....OATMEAL+EGG WHITE FACIAL MASKIt comes together so easy!!Simply grind some oatmeal into a powder. ( I used my NutriBullet.)Separate the yolk from the egg white. ( Discard the yolk or use it the custard cream)Beat the egg white with a folk until foamy.Add 1-2teaspoons of oatmeal powder to the egg white, until you make a mass resembling baby food. The consistency is up to you -...

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Stuffed Italian Peppers

dinner idea food stuffed peppers

I want to share a yummy recipe for a nice family dinner: Stuffed Italian Peppers.You will need:1.5 lb of ground chicken meat ( you can use any meat of preference! )1/2 cup of rice8-10 green Italian Peppers1 large carrot1 celery stalk1 large tomato, or a package of small cherry tomatoes4-5 potatoes2 onionsDill+CilantroTomato Paste or sauceGarlicOlive OilSalt+Pepper1.Mix ground meat with inced garlic, 1 grated onion, salt, pepper, rice2. Cut the pepper tops off, and clean the insides with your fingers or a teaspoon. Take out all seeds and ribs.3. Fill the peppers with meat mixture. Fill it firmly to make sure no air...

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