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Stuffed Italian Peppers

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I want to share a yummy recipe for a nice family dinner: Stuffed Italian Peppers.You will need:1.5 lb of ground chicken meat ( you can use any meat of preference! )1/2 cup of rice8-10 green Italian Peppers1 large carrot1 celery stalk1 large tomato, or a package of small cherry tomatoes4-5 potatoes2 onionsDill+CilantroTomato Paste or sauceGarlicOlive OilSalt+Pepper1.Mix ground meat with inced garlic, 1 grated onion, salt, pepper, rice2. Cut the pepper tops off, and clean the insides with your fingers or a teaspoon. Take out all seeds and ribs.3. Fill the peppers with meat mixture. Fill it firmly to make sure no air...

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